Things Around Us

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I consider myself a person who has a genuine interest in the things which occur around me of significant value and importance. Hence I have chosen to express such interest by way of written expression. An educator by profession, hence my love for writing. If my blog could make one bit of difference, for the good, in the life of one person I would consider it a success.
Credit for the establishment of this blog site, 'Things Around Us', goes to the West Indies Under 19, Women's and the Men's Senior Cricket Teams. Their successes in this year, 2016, at the ICC cricket tournaments have inspired and motivated me to share my thoughts, ideas and whatever else is worth sharing.
It is my hope that this blog would serve readers with an interest in what might be happening in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) and the wider communities. These might be, but not limited to, issues which are technological, environmental and sociopolitical in nature or matters that affect us all as people sharing one global space and being affected by the same issues regardless of our location. It is the aim of the blogger to extend and enrich your reading experience.


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